Today You…Tomorrow Me

Just about every time I see someone [on the side of the road] I stop. I kind of got out of the habit in the last couple of years;I moved to a big city and all that and my girlfriend wasn’t too stoked on the practice. Then some s*** happened to me that changed me and I am back to offering rides habitually. If you would indulge me, it is long
story and has almost nothing to do with hitch hiking other than happening on a road.

This past year I have had 3 instances of car trouble. A blow out on a freeway, a bunch of blown fuses and an out of gas situation. All of them were while driving other people’s cars which, for some reason, makes it worse on an emotional level. It makes it worse on a practical level as well, what with the fact that I carry things like a jack and extra fuses in my car, and know enough not to park, facing downhill, on a steep incline with less than a gallon of fuel.
Anyway, each of these times this shit happened I was DISGUSTED with how people would not bother to help me. I spent hours on the side of the freeway waiting, watching roadside assistance vehicles blow past me, for AAA to
show. The 4 gas stations I asked for a gas can at told me that they couldn’t loan them out “for my safety” but I could buy a really s****y 1-gallon one with no cap for $15. It was enough, each time, to make you say things like “this country is going to hell in a handbasket.” But you know who came to my rescue all three times? Immigrants. Mexican immigrants. None of them spoke a lick of the language. But one of those dudes had a profound affect on me.

He was the guy that stopped to help me with a blow out with his whole family of 6 in tow. I was on the side of the road for close to 4 hours. Big jeep, blown rear tire, had a spare but no jack. I had signs in the windows of the car, big signs that said NEED A JACK and offered money. No dice. Right as I am about to give up and just hitch out there a van pulls over and dude bounds out. He sizes the situation up and calls for his youngest daughter who speaks English. He conveys through her that he has a jack but it is too small for the Jeep so we will need to brace it. He produces a saw from the van and cuts a log out of a downed tree on the side of the road. We rolled it over, put his jack on top, and bam, in business. I start taking the wheel off and, if you can believe it, I broke his tire iron. It was one of those collapsible ones and I wasn’t careful and I snapped the head I needed clean off. No worries, he runs to the van, gives it to his wife and she is gone in a flash, down the road to buy a tire iron. She is back in 15 minutes, we finish the job
with a little sweat and cussing (stupid log was starting to give), and I am a very happy man. We are both filthy and sweaty. The wife produces a large water jug for us to wash our hands in. I tried to put a 20 in the man’s hand but he wouldn’t take it so I instead gave it to his wife as quietly as I could. I thanked them up one side and down the other. I asked the little girl where they lived, thinking maybe I could send them a gift for being so awesome. She says they live in Mexico. They are here so mommy and daddy can pick peaches for the next few weeks. After that they are going to pick cherries then go back home. She asks if I have had lunch and when I told her no she gave me a tamale from their cooler, the best fucking tamale I have ever had. So, to clarify, a family that is undoubtedly poorer than you, me, and just about everyone else on that stretch of road, working on a seasonal basis where time is money, took an hour or two out of their day to help some strange dude on the side of the road when people in tow trucks were just
passing me by. Wow…

But we aren’t done yet.

I thank them again and walk back to my car and open the foil on the tamale cause I am starving at this point and what do I find inside? My $20 bill! I whirl around and run up to the van and the guy rolls his window down. He sees the $20 in my hand and just shaking his head no like he won’t take it. All I can think to say is “Por Favor, Por Favor,
Por Favor” with my hands out. Dude just smiles, shakes his head and, with what looked like great concentration, tried his hardest to speak to me in English: “Today you…. tomorrow me.”  Rolled up his window, drove away, his daughter waving to me in the rear view. I sat in my car eating the best tamale of all time and I just cried. Like a little girl. It has been a rough year and nothing has gone my way. This was so out of left field I just couldn’t deal.
In the 5 months since I have changed a couple of tires, given a few rides to gas stations and, once, went 50 miles out of my way to get a girl to an airport. I won’t accept money. Every time I tell them the same thing when we are through: “Today you…. tomorrow me.”

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It’s Taurus Season!

What’s your sign?  Do some research on it whether you believe in astronomy/astrology or not.  You may learn something about yourself.


  • April 19-May 20
  • Second astrological sign in Zodiac
  • Negative/Introvert sign
    • Feminine
    • Earth sign
    • Fixed sign
      • Stabilization
      • Determination
      • Depth
      • persistence
      • Ruled by planet Venus
        • Harmony,
        •  beauty,
        •  balance,
        • feelings and affections,
        • the urge to sympathize and unite with others.
        • Desires
          • pleasure,
          • sensuality,
          • personal possessions,
          •  comfort ease.
  • Governs:
    •  romantic relations,
    • marriage
    • business partnerships,
    • sex (the origin of the words ‘venery’ and ‘venereal’),
    • the arts,
    • fashion
    • social life.
  • Medicine: associated with the lumbar region
    • the veins
    • parathyroids
    • throat
    • kidneys
  • Medicine: associated with the phlegmatic humor.
    • Warm
    • moist
  • Modern ruler of the 2nd and 7th houses,
  • traditionally ruled the 5th and 12th houses –
    • the 5th house of play and the
    • 12th house of self-undoing!
  • Chinese astrology:  element metal (or gold),
    • unyielding,
    • strong
    • persistent.
  • Indian astrology,: wealth, pleasure and reproduction.
  • Compatible with same elements signs:
    • Virgo
    • Capricorn
    • Taurus

Hey Miche! Food as Medicine

Hey Miche,

While watching television this morning, I saw a commercial for yet another new medicine for an even newer disease.  I sat and listened to the side effects and shook my head at the contradictions.  I didn’t think much of it because after a while all those commercials look and sound the same.   Later that same afternoon, a commercial for that same drug came on again.  Only this time it wasn’t telling me to ask me doctor if I had any of the following symptoms, but rather that if me or someone I knew had a heart attack, stroke or died, even death by suicide, while taking that medicine to call the number on the screen.  After seeing that I thought about my last few doctor’s visits and it seems like there was a prescription for every complaint I had.  The side effects usually scare me off and I google some natural remedies instead once the doctor gives me a diagnosis.  What else can I do?

Concerned in Austin

Dear Concerned,

I’ve never been big on taking pills.  Even with my frequent migraines, my preferred prescription is a dark room filled with white noise and a lavender-vanilla candle.  It has to be a really lingering pain for me to finally resort to an Ibuprofen, the only over the counter drugs in my medicine cabinet.  My mother had a hard time with a lot of prescription and over the counter drugs when she was younger so she shielded my sisters and me from them except as a last resort.  A natural vegetable laxative is her cure-all for most things and if that doesn’t work she’ll move on to herbs, plants, some old South Carolina home remedies and rest.   These methods usually work and cost mere pennies as opposed to the hundreds of dollars we pay for a handful of prescription pills that the doctor tells us we need to stay alive.

America’s prescription drug prices are the highest in the world and the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable business in this country.  America is one of only two countries that allows pharmaceutical companies to market directly to the people/consumer.  There is a pill, ointment or shot for every bodyache and bad thought we have and they all come with side effects that are similar or identical to the very thing we are trying to cure, or even worse…death.  It is cheaper and more efficient to prevent sickness, disease and even obesity than it is to cure it or even relieve the symptoms.

We have an ever-growing dependence on drugs to keep us mobile and even happy in this country.  One of the ways we can reverse this dependence is to regain control over the foods we eat.  As a country we have gotten away from cooking our own meals and rely heavily on fast food, take out, pre-made and frozen entrees.  What we fail to pay attention to is the fact the food has become big business and the cost-cutting methods the major food companies are taking to turn a profit are not taking our health and safety into consideration.  The preservatives, additives and chemicals in our foods are making us sick and slowly killing us.  In 2010 Americans spent $307 billion on prescription drugs and another $23 billion on over the counter medications to relieve the symptoms of bad eating.

food industry vs health indusrty quote

There are more than 3000 preservatives, additives and colorings used in American foods that are not found in nature and have no health benefits but have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as they make the manufacturing of the food more cost-efficient and therefore increases the companies’ profit margins.  They make food taste better, look better and last longer but have no health benefits themselves.  In fact, they actually DEPLETE the nutritional value of the foods they’re added to.  If a company has an additive they want to use that is not already on the preapproved list, the FDA does not require them to reveal what is in the additives as long as the company finds a panel of experts to classify the food as “GRAS” or (Generally Regarded As Safe.)  These experts are hired and paid for by the food companies themselves.  They require no tests to evaluate the long-term effects or how the additive will interact in the body with the other 3000 chemicals that are already on the market.   Toxins are fat soluble so the body creates fat to store them and protect the body.  This “toxic fat” is MUCH harder to lose and blocks nutrients from getting where they need to be in the body.  This is one of the key reasons Americans are so fat. We rely heavily on ready-made foods that contain these fattening, deadly chemicals and the companies that make them care more about their profit margin than the consumer.  When these poisons make us sick we buy antacids, arthritis relief, stool softener and all the other bottled solutions to our preventable problems.  The more processed a food is, the further away it is from its natural state. The further away from its natural state, the harder it is for the body to digest it.  Many of the ailments that we blame on stress, “food poisoning,” work etc. are actually these unnatural foods depleting the nutrients from our bodies.  This leads to poor health, illness obesity and eventually death.

Our busy schedules and hectic lifestyles won’t allow many of us to cook ALL of our meals at home but it is important enough to make time for.  So what can we do?  There is no quick solution to our dependency on ready-made foods but it is important

natural remedy notes collagethat we start somewhere.  Here are a few tips:

  • Cook foods in big batches to have leftovers for lunch or double up your recipes and freeze one for later.
  • Pay attention to what you spend your money on. Read the ingredients list and if the first 3 ingredients are not a real food, don’t buy it.
  • To avoid the toxins and poisons of big business, try to purchase your meats and produce from your local farmer
  • s market or opt for the options at your grocery store that contain no GMO’s, preservatives or fillers.
  • Drink lots of water because a hydrated body is the most efficient.
  • Try to include fiber in your diet whenever you can to help flush out the toxins.

It may cost a little more to eat real food as opposed to a processed $1.00 burger but you’re  actually saving money in the long run if you factor in the cost of the co-pays and medicines you’ll undoubtedly need if you continue to fuel your body with junk.



Hey Miche! Should I do it or not?

Hey Miche…

Question for that mind of yours lol. Is it wrong or stupid to pursue somethin that has little to no chance of long-term success? Stupid question? Lol


 Dear Z-

Well that’s not much to go on but…I don’t think something’s long-term success potential should be the only determining factor in whether you pursue it or not. Even if it’s not something you’ll stick with, the knowledge you gain from the experience could prove to be beneficial to situations later in life. Weigh the disadvantages honestly when deciding though. You have to decide not only if they outweigh the advantages but also, are they losses you’re willing to accept.  And remember, you never truly know the potential of something until it’s tested. 🙂



Penne with Sausage, Red Pepper and Kale

Kale is always good. (Use Dreamfields Brand pasta if you are cutting carbs.)

Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

This is a really simple one-dish dinner. I liked the way the kale did not lose its crunch during the cooking process like spinach or other greens. Any sausage will work, as long as it is not breakfast sausage. The spice in an Italian one is the best.

Penne with Sausage and Kale

  • 1 lb whole wheat penne
  • 2 Italian sausage
  • 2 cups kale leaves chopped into small pieces
  • 1 red bell pepper diced fine
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 1 tbsp fresh parsley chopped
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

Cook pasta to al dente in boiling salted water. Strain, reserving 1 cup pasta water. In a large saute pan heat olive oil and fry garlic until fragrant, about a minute. Cut sausage from casing and brown over medium heat breaking up the chunks. Add red bell pepper and cook until soft. Add kale leaves and cook until they turn dark green…

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Don’t Be A &itch Workout Revisited – Tabata Style!!

All For A Boy

I created a workout last month that I aptly named Don’t Be A Bitch, I was having one of those days that I really didn’t want to exercise and I was extremely irritated with things that were going in my life (ever had one of those?). It included 4 rounds of 6 exercises. Each exercise was done for 45 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. The whole thing was finished with a 1 minute plank. Well today I pulled that workout from my binder and decided to rework it…Tabata Style!  I eliminated a Kettlebell Push Press and added Pull-Ups in its place for strength purposes and added a killer Plank Finisher that a friend shared with me!

Don’t Be A Bitch ~Tabata Circuit~

: 30 work   : 10 rest

Repeat each exercise 3 times before moving on.

 I make sure I have enough time between exercises to recover and hydrate…

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Recipe: Chicken Crouton Salad

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather and haven’t had much of an appetite.  Soup was getting kind of boring so I came up with this veggie salad that really hit the spot.  Try it for yourself!

Chicken Crouton Salad


½ pound cubed mozzarella

1 medium cucumber

1 small red pepper

1 small green pepper

½ c scallions, diced

1 c croutons

1 pound diced chicken breast

1 c vinaigrette dressing


  1. Toss all ingredients together
  2. Chill at least one hour, but best if left overnight.
  3. Enjoy!

Rhyme & Reason: Happy Shameful Secret


I wish I could sing it freely.
It should be a joyous thing shared with anyone who’ll listen.
But instead, it is a shameful secret that mustn’t leave my lips.

I wish I could share my happiness
So people would be glad for me and know that I have a reason to smile and feel the way I do.
But instead I must dodge questions and inquiries
And ignore the ignorance of their misdirected pity.

I wish it were contained beyond these four walls
So I could carry this fulfilling feeling with me everywhere at any time.
But instead there are limitations on time. Space and lines because…well…you know.


Hey Miche! How to let go of Mr. Wrong

Hey Miche…

I have only been in love with one man and, although it’s been two years, I can’t get him outta my system.  We still talk almost every day but only as friends; he lives with another woman now.  I’m hurting over this and it’s hard for me to move on.  I still cry over him; I dream about him; I think about him constantly.  I haven’t had sex in nearly a year because I feel no man I meet compares to him.  What do u think? Am I crazy?

Sullen in the South

 Dear Sullen,

I don’t think you’re crazy. I know what it feels like to love a man you feel you can’t have to yourself. I really feel it isn’t my place to advise you but I can tell you’re hurting so I’ll be real with you.  You know I can’t tell you what to do. Only you know the whole story. I can say that if I was in the same situation I would pray, fast and meditate for guidance, direction, clarity and self-honesty… and then give him a final ultimatum. Ultimatums are rarely a good idea and really the last thing you want to use in love but two years is a long time to hold your love hostage. I love hard and my man is my king so I know if it came to something like this then the person that I am would give him the final decision to choose. I know some would say that’s demeaning to “independent women” everywhere, but I’m being honest with myself.

It would be pointless to do this if I wasn’t at a point where I was ready for him to choose her. If that happened, continuing to contact him (especially daily) would not give my heart the opportunity to heal. All these things are a lot easier said than done tho.  I gather you’re praying for him to return to you as all broken-hearted women have sent up that pleading prayer before.  Perhaps that could happen if time away from him made him realize how much he truly wants to be with you…but only if he’s truly meant for you.  (corny I know but again…just being honest.)  I wasn’t able to get over who I thought was the love of my life until I stopped having any contact with him. Once I let go, I realized that what we had wasn’t enough for me. I’d been too busy trying to hold on to a memory of better times to realize that I actually hadn’t been happy with him for years. (I realize this may not be your case. I’m just sharing my story.)   I thought it was impossible to love anyone as much as I loved him but I was so wrong.

Sullen, you are someone’s rib. There is a love that is meant for you that no one else can lay claim to. I don’t know if this man is your Adam or not but it seems to me that you have to prepare yourself for the pain involved in finding out. It is my humble opinion that you should break contact with him. Give him a chance to miss you. Make yourself unavailable to him. He’ll either do what’s necessary to get you back, or learn to live without you. Either way, your heart can get out of limbo.  Be strong.

…and that’s my 2¢


p.s. I’ve been watching a lot of Snapped and Forensic Files and there’s no polite way to bring this up so I’ll just be direct.  If you’re feeling at all suicidal/homicidal please talk to someone you trust.  If you don’t have anyone in mind the National Suicide Hotline is always open (1-800-273-TALK), as is my inbox.


Rhyme & Reason: White Lies


Lie to me.
Tell me you didn’t go.
Tell me you couldn’t bear to touch another
in the same lovingly lustful way you touch me.

Lie to me.
Say I’m enough
Tell me I’m the only one able to give you
what you need and accept all you have to offer.

Lie to me.
So the envy subsides.
The rage in knowing another dare attempt
to do what I do.

Lie to me.
Not because I’m in love with you.
But because my ego
simply can’t take the truth.

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